Full-Spectrum Nourishing Hemp Pro Salve in 500mg

It’s simple: Full-Spectrum Nourishing Hemp Pro Salve is the most efficacious hemp oil produces the best results


Product Description


The Functional Remedies Full-Spectrum Nourishing Hemp Pro Salve is the ideal way to incorporate whole-plant hemp oil into skincare regimens or to help speed recovery. We combine hemp-infused organic coconut oil with organic grape-seed oil, organic orange oil, organic spearmint oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E, and black pepper to create a soothing, highly effective topical.

The proprietary lipid infusion process preserves natural cellular bonds to deliver a whole-plant entourage effect. Our hemp oils are never made from concentrate, and we never use harsh, CO2 extraction processes utilizing high heat, intense pressure, and chemical solvents

NOTE: All our our Hemp-Derived CBD is contains either zero THC or less than .3% THC.

Great Salve

I have [*health concern] in my neck and shoulder… works better than anything I have used before.

Impressive relief in 12-15 minutes

I’ve used the hemp salve for 4 months. my [*health concern] has become manageable without using my cane anymore. I can rise up from sitting without worry that my joints may lock. I am beyond pleased! I keep a tube in my purse, by my desk & on my nightstand. It’s pretty miraculous.

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