Neuragon’s 500mg Hmp Oil for Pets

All-natural ingredients and premium full-spectrum CBD Pet-Oil ensures your pup feels safe, relaxed, and healthy.


Product Description



Easily add drops to their food and treats or simply squeeze it directly into your pet’s ear or mouth. Always make sure to shake well before use.

Below are some benefits from the use:

  • It has a calming effect
  • Relieves anxiety due to stress
  • It helps with pain relief for older pups who suffer from sore joints or hips
  • Relaxation during separation anxiety and being home alone
  • Helps to build & maintain wellness for breeds, ages, and sizes


Neurogan strives in moving away from medicine cabinets and towards nature.

Their CBD is non-GMO, 100% organic, and sourced from premium full-spectrum hemp that has been cultivated in the pristine Danish countryside. The hemp is imported to their facility in San Diego where  CO2 extraction method is used to ensure that each Neurogan product maintains nature’s integrity.

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